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LG Intuition Android Phablet


lgLG is somewhat behind when it comes to manufacturing android phones. The company gas wonderful android services, but the hardware used is not as impressive as Apple, Motorola, and Samsung.

The LG Intuition is the company’s attempt to make it to the phablet market. Currently, the phablet market is ruled by Samsung Galaxy Note. Will the company make it this year? Or will they still be far out from the competition? Well, why don’t we find out? Let us take a look at the video of the device as well as the people’s impression about the device. The LG Intuition is totally different from Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There is a big difference, especially when it comes to boxy shape, aspect ratio, as well as its sharp corners. In other words, it will definitely stand out in a crowd. I myself use LG Intuition and I carry it with me wherever I go whether going to school, store, or doing other errands. LG Intuition has fantastic apps. It has Quick Memo, which works great too.

Which is better between the two, the Quick Memo or the Samsung’s S-Memo? Quick Memo is good, but S-Memo is definitely better. S-Memo has the ability to recognize handwriting as well as extra bells and whistles. The LG pen is not as good as Samsung. As a final say, the LG Intuition is bigger without adding extra bulk.



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