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Remote Desktop software and Parallels Desktop


scr-parallels-desktop-for-macRemote desktop comes in handy when you need to connect various Macintosh computers together in a network. There are various softwares serving the purpose and one among them is the Parallels Desktop developed and maintained by Parallels INC. The software provides hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers with Intel processors.

Parallels desktop is hardware emulation virtualization software that works by mapping the host computer’s hardware resources directly to the virtual machine’s resources and, that is considered to be its advantage. Parallels have quickly updated its desktop virtualization software because of its increased popularity amongst the users of Windows and Mountain Lion. Desktop 8 software now supports the latest software and hardware of the OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Retina display-equipped Mac Book.

Parallels desktop 8 enables the user to seamlessly work between two operating systems. The devices running in the network can be integrated such that the updates can be performed without any hassles. All Apple softwares and third party upgrades and updates can be done seamlessly. The administrative tasks for performing such high level functions is now reduced and hence you can concentrate on other parts rather than concentrating on the high level tasks.

With parallels desktop 8, one can share Bluetooth connections across Mac and Windows devices, use Mountain Lion gestures in Windows 8 apps and receive notifications from both Windows 8 and Mac software, and view it in Mountain Lion’s notification panel. When a switching is done where the file type is recognizable in another operating system, the parallels desktop 8 automatically recognizes the file type and makes a smooth switching.

We can also add shortcuts of windows apps to the Mountain Lion for a quick launch of Mac and Windows apps, which users use the most. Parallels desktop 8 has also launched Parallel mobile app, with which iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can enjoy audio, copy and paste and can access their Mac and Windows programs. The Parallels desktop is safe against viruses and other malwares thus protecting your computer and the network of computers from security attack. All beta softwares can be tested using this method so that you need of worrying about the impact of software over your existing system. Hence get connected and shared with multiple computers running multiple operating systems with less effort but high performance.



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