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Sydock document processor Overview


Business today produces and processes a huge amount of documents of all types. However, an effective electronic information exchange requires using a unified document format, accepted in any software environment. Presently, the solution to the problem is using the markup language xml (eXtensible Markup Language), that allows for representing complex, hierarchical objects in the text format. Employing the xml technology, Sydock DP separates the contents of a document from its layout. From the practical point of view; it means, that it is enough to type a text once, and then you'll be able to transform it into any necessary format with just a few mouse clicks.

Among all the existing xml processing applications, Sydock DP is distinguished by the most convenient and user-friendly interface. It allows you to employ all the power of xml without being compelled to study even the basics of the language. You simply edit and format your documents as you would using your regular text processor (Microsoft Word, for instance). Both the employers and the employees, from Head of the IT Department to a secretary, will be able to use the tool equally easy.

The Advantages of Using Sydock DP

The Convenience of Information Accumulating and Storing

Specialists admit, that at present, xml is the most felicitous basis for data exchange between applications of different types. That is why it's most appropriate for a company's nonpublic documents circulation. Sydock DP allows you to save any information in the xml format, irrespective of whether it is a software manual or a financial report. But for all that, neither you, nor your employees have to really study xml.

The Effective Use of the Information in Business Processes

A once created document can easily be used in any other business process. The advantage of the xml language is that a xml-document is not dependent on any applications. It allows to establish an automatic data exchange between different applications and databases both inside an organization, and with external partners. Sydock DP supports all the industrial xml standards, and also the creation of new schemas by the user.

Flexible Management of the Information

Separating the contents of a document from its layout, Sydock DPallows to instantly adapt to the changes in internal or external branch (industrial) standards.




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