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Set of representations for one document

Sydock DP allows for text editing in a visual ( WYSIWYG ) form. This means that you don't have to deal with an XML-code, but with a regular text, same as you would do using a regular text processor (for example, MS WORD) As you type your text, Sydock automatically forms a correct XML document in accordance with the selected W3C XML schema.


Source Text

Visual Style Editor

Creating styles is easy with Sydock, even if you are not familiar with the XSL - language for creating styles. A Sydock DP built-in style editor presents style editing in a visual ( WYSIWYG ) form. The editor includes a set of ready-made form controls (check-boxes, combo-boxes, text-fields, drop-down lists etc.), so you can insert them into your document wherever you need them. If you are a professional designer and want to create more complicated schemas, a text style editor is at your service.



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