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Developers can create templates basing them on their own schemas and stylesheets and compiling them into ready-made solutions for certain business purposes. The rich functional potential of XML, including the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) and XML Schema (XSD) support, provides all necessary conditions for developing solutions, which allow for creating tables of contents easily and using them effectively in business-processes, irrespectively of applications. Due to the XML support, Sydock DP can be used as a “smart” client for various web-services working with XML. Besides, developers can create their own applications for XML-document processing using Sydock DP.

Employing the technologies, which Sydock DP is based on, companies can considerably reduce the costs of the development and introduction of their solutions, cut the overhead costs and expenses for their personnel training, reduce the time of introducing their ready-made solutions in the market.

End users, who will have to work with these applications every day, will find it a lot easier to navigate a unified software environment, which will lead, in its turn, to the reduction of the time for training and the increasing efficiency of working with programs.

Overview of the SDP API Architecture

One of the main design goals of SDP was to create SDP as a platform for developing real-world solutions.

Technologies Support

It is due to the support of a wide range of technologies that Sydock Document Processor allows for realization of such a variety of solutions.

XML The XML-standard support saves the developers the trouble of spending considerable time on converting data and allows them to concentrate on real business problems. 
XSL Sydock DP uses XSL to display an XML-document in the most convenient for editing form. Besides, the document can be published in various formats (HTML, TXT etc.) using XML.
XSD Schema Document validation and automated generation of a table of contents.
XML Web Services Allows for using Sydock DP as a client for web-services working with XML.
COM Add-Ins Developing new Add-Ins. These modules add more functionality to Sydock Document Processor. You can use Visual Basic to create new Add-Ins
Scripting Very often you need to create an Add-In with simple functional. If this is the case, you don’t have to use a large-scale programming environment, such as Visual Studio or Delphi, it is enough to write an Add-In in a script language.
ActiveX Embedding ActiveX, both standard and specialized, into SDP templates
Helper Actions Special elements of the user interface, which recognize a document’s contents dynamically and suggest actions depending on the recognition results.
CSS Cascade stylesheets contain descriptions, which are applied to elements in Sydock DP documents. These styles determine the appearance and the position of the elements on a page. Instead of specifying attributes for each element separately, you can create a common rule, which will be applied to the element, whatever its position on a page is.
Internationalization Features One template may support several languages.


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