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As XML is gradually turning from an exotic, exclusively professional technology  into an effective business tool, more and more companies come to the conclusion that their information systems should be based on XML. However, the market does not offer any ready-made solutions yet, that is why system integrators and management consulting agencies are compelled to develop XML solutions from scratch.

If you are using or planning to use the XML technology to develop business solutions for your customers, Sydock Document Processor is exactly the tool, you need.

It is not only an effective tool for creating XML documents, it can also be provided for your customers as a universal application for further work with XML.

    We offer:

  • A free SDK, including a detailed description of the process of creating scripts and templates.
  • A special package of consulting services, including both help in the development of solutions using Sydock, and consultations on the use of XML in business processes. Furthermore, we can assume some of your duties and consult your clients on these matters.
  • Considerable discounts when providing Sydock DP for your customers.
  • Additional Advertising: we won't only publish information about your company in the "Our partners" section, but will also recommend our customers to contact you, if they need to have an information system developed and put into action for them. 

If you are interested in this offer and you want to join our partnership program, contact our partnership development department.


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