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To ASP providers


If your company provides applications (ASP) or hosting for applications working with XML-data, we recommend you to use Sydock DP as a supplementary service to your customers.

How does it work? Let us assume that you are leasing out a billing system. The work with such an application implies that the customer should be able to enter some data, later converted into XML and transferred to the server. At present this is accomplished with the help of a web-form, which is filled out in a regular browser window. But definitely neither to you nor your customers, this method has proved to be the most felicitous way of transferring large data amounts. Replacing the regular browser with a special version of Sydock DP, you optimize the process of data editing and transferring to the server.

    What is the advantage for you and your customers?

  • Unlike a regular browser, Sydock DP is originally designed for editing XML. This accelerates the data transfer process, bars it from the possibility of an error while processing data.
  • At your request, we can develop a special version of Sydock DP optimizede for better performance with your particular application.
  • Sydock DP interface looks similar to the interface of a regular text processor, that's why your clients won't have to learn working with the new program.
  • You acquire a multi-user license for an unlimited number of Sydock DP copies and provide them for all your customers. You won't have to pay for each client separately!
  • Our technical support team is always ready to consult you not only on using Sydock DP, but also on working with XML in general.

If you are interested in this offer and you want to join our partnership program, contact our partnership development department.


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