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This is the most powerful and easy to use WYSIWYG xml-document processor, especially designed for non-professionals. Its intuitively suggestive interface allows for creating complex xml-documents without knowing xml itself. It is intended for both average users and professional developers for quick and easy creation of document templates. It includes a WYSIWYG xml editor, a graphical xml Schema editor and a WYSIWYG ESL Stylesheet designer with a drag'n'drop interface.


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It is said that numbers have a strong influence on the life of humans. The best numerology software is a program with the help of which it is possible to see the effects of numbers on the life of any human. This software operates in a manner in which it takes information about the user and tells him that which number is good for him. In this way the user is able to get his lucky number and tries to be saved from bad numbers.

Do you assume that you aren't as privileged as other individuals are? Are you concerned about your foreseeable future, would like to glance into the similar, but have no trust in Tarot cards as well as palmistry? So why do you not go for numerology? This is amongst the earliest as well as proven methods for understanding much more about the future of an individual. Due to the internet, there is no need to examine any textbooks on the subject to find out what the future holds in your case. Look online for the numerology software and you are going to find numerous sites that offer it, free of charge.

Employing the web based numerology software is very straightforward. You just need to type in your own name and birth date and click on the `submit’ option and within a few moments, the web based numerology calculator will provide you with specifics of your fortunate number, its value, and a detailed forecast concerning your foreseeable future. The numerology calculator gives you different descriptions such as your personal lifepath number, path number, soul urge number, and far more. You have got to invest some time going through each phase for more information regarding the importance of these types of numbers along with the importance they keep for you.



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